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Waste & Recycling Collections

Download the latest bin collection timetable here

The garden waste scheme commences on 15th June. After which collection of the green topped wheelie bins will require registration and the payment of a £40 annual fee. Register for your bin by following this link. Garden waste bins will be emptied fortnightly, except for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

Mobile Library

The Mobile library visits Compton Basset fortnightly and is there between the hours of 11:00 and 11:20.

Bank Holiday Mondays are taken as the exception and no visit will be made until the next Monday that they are due to visit. For more details please visit

Village Phone Box
Phone Box Compton Bassett

The phone box, once the property of BT, has, like so many around the country, fallen into disuse with the advent of the ubiquitous mobile phone. It was sold to Compton Bassett and it is now the property of the village. It is being used as a resource facility for the benefit of the village generally.

Its primary use is as a lending library where parishioners may borrow and lend books free of charge. It is also as a central place to find documents of relevence to village life i.e. The Neighbourhood Plan.

Wiltshire Good Neighbours
Community Messaging

Hoagy, Hornpipes, Handel & Hoedown

This duo are the latest of the touring Rural Arts performers to come to Compton Bassett, if you haven’t been to any of these enjoyable evenings before then come along this time. Tickets are available from Marion Coward tel: 01249 760273.

Compton Bassett Cooks

Alan Lewis with his copy of Compton Bassett Cooks

Compton Bassett's Oldest Resident Turns 92 on 16th Dec

Many Happy Returns
to Alan Lewis

Compton Bassett's oldest and longest resident.

Been here man and boy!

Dementia Awareness Evening

Hilmarton Parish Council are holding a dementia awareness evening on Tuesday 22nd March and anyone from Compton Bassett would be welcome to attend

It's being held in the Community Room at Hilmarton at 7pm. Anyone interested in attending please contact Diane Zeitzen so she can let Jacquie Henly Hilmarton Parish Clerk know.

Dementia will almost certainly affect either you or someone you care about at some point in your life. Watching that person slowly disappear behind the fog of dementia can be one of the most distressing things to witness, as they struggle to understand what is happening to them. Understanding the disease and how to respond to your friend or loved one as their conversations and memories become seemingly more and more random could be the easiest and the biggest thing you can do to help them. Do please attend this evening and increase your awareness and understanding of this most indescriminate and hateful condition.

Compton Bassett Village Recipe Book
Compton Bassett Cooks

We have received the cookery books back from the printers!

Now here is your chance to share it with everyone!

We are taking pre-orders and the sales are already going well. Once the pile of books are gone, they are gone, so really do not delay.

Download more information
Planning Application
Planing Application Briar Leaze

Briar Leaze Planning Application has been submitted to Wiltshire Council

Green Square have now submitted their application for planning consent to Wiltshire Council for approval.

The planning application is on the page we set aside for this Green Square saga together with two plans of the Briar Leaze area for you to peruse. One from the plans provided by Green Square and one

extracted from the Land Registry. The plans, as submitted, do seem to be taking land that belongs to the village hall, a registered charity, in order to accommodate the planned development. Whilst the area disputed is relatively small, the courts are often beset with boundary disputes for far less. The village hall committee, I am led to believe, is of the view that Green Square are quite blatantly using land within their plans that belongs to the village hall without request, negotiation or recompense and will be defending their property. Please view the two sections of documents and form your own opinions. Click here.

Neighbourhood Plan Approval
Compton Bassett Neighbourhood plan

Compton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan

The Report to Wiltshire Council by Independent Examiner Nigel McGurk on his examination of the plan.

The Examiner has recommended a number of modifications further to consideration of the Compton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan against the basic conditions.

Subject to these modifications, the Compton Bassett Neigbourhood plan

  • has regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable developments
  • is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area;
  • does not breach, and is compatible with European Union obligations and the European Convention of Human Rights

The above was extracted from the summary section of the report submitted to Wilts Council and concludes with a recommendation to Wilts Council, a full copy of which can be downloaded here, that subject to the various amendments and deletions, that the Neighbourhood Plan now proceed to a referendum.

Briar Leaze reports now can be found under the 'Village' tab on the menu above.

Annual Parish Meeting

The first ever annual parish meeting was held on Tuesday 5 May 2015 in the Benson Hall.  The public meeting is a statutory requirement and an opportunity for members of the community to express views in an informal event.  The majority of the evening was taken up with presentations by the Community Police Service, a Calne tourism plan to promote visitors to the A4 corridor from Bath to Hungerford, and the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust.  For the most part this was very interesting; however the downside was that it impacted on time to discuss any local issues.  It was a well attended inaugural meeting and no doubt will be adapted to allow for a little more local discussion next year.

Broadband for Compton Bassett

Compton Bassett has sought an ally in the House of Lords in the battle to achieve a reasonable broadband speed for homes in the village.

The Lib Dem peer, Lord Nigel Jones of Cheltenham has tabled four questions now on our behalf in the Lords “To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they will use Compton Bassett in Wiltshire as a pilot test case for installing superfast Broadband in rural areas due to its special and unusual challenges.”

He has agreed with our assertion that it is quite ridiculous that today, in 2015 many of the village homes cannot get broadband at all whilst those who are lucky enough to get any cover at all can typically achieve speeds of less than 2.0 Mbit/s.

Lord Nigel Jones of Cheltenham

As long ago as 2007 over half the population across the country had already got broadband running at speeds in excess of 4.6 Mbit/s. The equipment to bring proper high speed broad band to the village terminates just over a mile from the southern reaches of the village and the ducting is believed to come right up to the village itself.

Under current rules, Wiltshire Council has already gained funding and upgraded the exchange at Quemerford from which half the village gets its service and so Compton Bassett is deemed to have been upgraded commercially, preventing further investment at this stage. The council is currently going through procurement for phase two funding to consider communities that have been upgraded commercially but who are not able to access a superfast service. Any result for this funding application will not be known until June of this year.

Lord Jones has requested an answer to his question within two weeks, before parliament is broken up for the next elections. Full story Gazette and Herald

Benson Hall Events

Compton Bassett Village Sign

Thanks to all who kindly donated towards the oak post – the post and sign will be going in between the tree behind the memorial bench on the corner of Briar Leaze and the end of the hedge sometime in April, as soon as the post can be ordered.

A social evening was held on Friday 27th February for those interested to have a sneaky preview of the new village sign over a glass of wine.  A small donation towards the cost of the wine and the 6 metre oak post support for the sign was asked for from thise who wanted to.  Giving everyone the chance to “own” a bit of village history. 

The sign was erected 29th April 2015 and is a fine spectacle as you approach the hall.

Speedwatch Matters

Compton Bassett took part in “Operation Harness” in January where Wiltshire Police held a County wide Speedwatch event.  Our “bit” took place on 20th January between 1 and 3pm where Pete Szczesiak & Peter Alberry accompanied by 6 Police Officers monitored traffic in Compton Bassett. We could see the car bonnets dipping as soon as the motorists became aware of the significant police presence – so we only recorded a single speeding event during the 2 hours of checking. 

So Speedwatch is taking off again – we have the laser camera until the end of February – so we’d like to build a data base of speeding vehicles throughout the day over the course of February, particularly mornings and evenings, so that we can us the information to lobby for reduced speed limits as recorded in the Compton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan.  We have 8 trained volunteers so far with a number of others applying for training later this year. If you’d like to be involved please e-mail

Together we can make a difference.

Wiltshire Good Neighbours

With the season of good will soon upon us our thoughts are turning to perhaps our families, or our friends, those with whom we enjoy our time.

Maybe we can cast the odd thought in a different direction, to those who may seem to many to have so much and yet have nothing. There are many, even within our own village, who may be facing a Christmas that is not how they would like it to be.

Those in need of help are old and young, rich and poor. In fact, need knows no boundaries. Often what is needed most is just to know that someone somewhere cares enough about them to notice. Wiltshire Good Neighbours is there to help with filling in a form, dealing with benefits or healthcare plus loads of other services and help or just to befriend someone when they need it. They have expanded their service to cover all the villages surrounding Calne. If you need their help, or know someone who does, please give them a call on 07557  922029.
An Appeal on Behalf of Wiltshire Age UK Wiltshire Age UK

The New Non Emergency Number is now live in our area!

101 is the number to call when you want to contact your local police - when it’s less urgent than a 999 call. 101 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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